Tuesday, October 26, 2010

O La!

Elllo Internet.

I'm Ethan, Mark ask me to start blogging on here a couple weeks ago.

So, here it is.

This is my car currently,

(Ya, I know it's an ugly raft. But i'm working on it ok?)

As you can see, The leaves are falling here! And I unfortunately didn't really do a lot of driving of my motor vehicle this summer. Which is a bummer but it has gotten me super amped for this coming summer.

Moving forward plans,

Over the winter I have a couple big things I wanna get done, and tonnnnnn of little shits to get done as well.

Most importantly this winter myself and mark will be crafting a gnarly bash bar / tube front end for this pig as she desperately needs one.

other shits include,

WHEELS>please someone sell me something gnarly (wide body eats wheels)
New Subframe, solid mounts and other goodies
and hopefully a Kit if all goes well,

Enough about me, thanks for the rant.