Thursday, January 28, 2010

some new snaps


srE30 engine bay looking pretty

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my camera is on the other side of canada

i had a guy pm me on jdmr today,
"i wanna know more about union"

so i just started typing, and this is what i ended up with. 
figured i'd post it up on here, because it rang really true with me, 
especially tonight.

Hey man.

We've been around for about 2 years now... I basically just started the whole thing to keep building the local drift scene we have. Because we are organized as a club, it offers us the chance to keep costs low, and still allow us to be on the forefront of street car fabrication. We like building our own cars, and when we get the chance to build it for someone else, sweet. I've got a full-time fabricator and a full time mechanic on staff. We do everything from motor swaps to roll cages to multi link arms. My guys are extremely talented, and there is no way that anything cool would ever happen without them.

As for past work... a lot of it never got documented, just because we were doing it for the love of doing it. Funny how having an outlet (the blog) makes you want to take pictures of everything!

But the bare-bones of it all is...

If people stopped giving us money to do the things we do, we'd still be doing it. We might not have as nice of a shop, or that new tube bender.... but we'd still be driving, and we'd still be building cars.

Love of the game!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SrE30 test fitting panels.
almost looks like a car!

subframe notched for maximum ground clearance


my man native just got a new whip
we've got some ideas for this. 
i'm excited to see where it goes

you got interior glow like this?

also added some danger to the kill death machine
its real blood

and some loud
that blood is real too

e.t. painted his tranny white
...because it wasn't white before

Friday, January 15, 2010

New drift-specific forum!


more than anything, canada needs to foster its drifting community.
we've got the talent, we've got the resources, now is the time to start something bigger.
sign up, and lets make something better.

also, street drift always.

okay okay! 
post time!
life is beautiful.

srE30 update:
swapped headlights for projectors

fmic piping 99.9% done

50% of an UNION/RPM-spec stainless 3in exhaust
highflow cat
hard mount with tranny brace

custom tranny mount

Doc Awes made some headway

also making its (late) triumphant return...

vert tubs are done and ready for sand/primer/paint

lots more coming!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

spotted this gem last night
honda civic

reppin nismo hard

Friday, January 8, 2010

i know, i know

we've been low on posts lately.

the holidays are always kinda quiet around the shop

regardless.... we're coming back with a bang.

cages, fab, naked girls, illicit drugs, prison shanks...

all coming soon.