Monday, June 28, 2010

This is Kara. 
She's the new not new girl.
And this is Jamal.
His mom is bummed he isn't in the NBA.
But who's mom isn't?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

oh boy its been a rough week!

  • Dumpslikeatruck is busy swapping his parts from his busted ass hatch chassis, to my (now his) vert chassis.
  • Durka is doing something turbo related. It seems very important, but i wasn't paying attention when he told me. 
  • J hefterson is reminding us why we all started liking s-chassis; sporting some 15's and an indestructible KA.
  • Noodle-brained Liam is doing 12am straightpipe drive-by's of my house.
  • One of my llama's died today, and is getting eaten by 1,000,000 maggots. Gnar.
  • The shop is messy, but thats because shit is getting handled
  • This week, my motor blew, my clutch pedal broke, my clutch fork pivot broke, my exhaust manifold-to-block gasket started leaking, and my drivers side power window switch broke. Car is such a hurting unit right now.
  • Brenden bought his cb, finally. Still has not returned my bumper.
  • Martino is mia, probably run over by a brampton transit bus.
  • Teddy started the riots in Toronto.
  • Toronto had an earthquake... wtf.
  • Oliver says he is buying a mk3 jetta with a vr6. I think that sucks
  • Jamal is seriously the blackest man alive. Too bad he hates panners and white people
  • Native's Cressida won't start again.

in other news!

new stickers!

if you'd like to sport this sticker, please email mark AT unionautoclub DOT com, and prove you know what the fuck this sticker is talking about. 

random snaps of J Hefterson's throwback-to-the-fun-days-of-cars-car

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Most of your cars are fucken painted flat black, spray bombed by canadian tire shit, stupid rims with stretched tires, excess camber, slammed to useless oblivion and setup like shit."


if you are old, you probably will not understand.
new tow vehicle?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lewis's car looking dirty

Sunday, June 13, 2010

CSCS 2010 June 6 Drift event 3

martino and TK handling biz at cscs

photo's courtesy of Onyx_z32.... whoever you are!
and ethan

"the people's choice award"


dward's s12 all sick
its for sale too! 
a shame...
so buy it and up your game!

exhaust chilling on the curb

found some burnout pictures!


lewis is in there somewhere

i know i said i was gonna post more pictures from cscs
whatever. competitive drifting sucks anyways.
here are pictures from BINGS meet 2010/hamilton beach/street drift

we all met up in waterdown for the cruise down

affectionate friends sharing a wholesome pastime.

all these pictures were taken through my dirty-ass driver's side glass, with one hand.... doing 130
they suck, so whatever!

not the best video-taker in the world

vs x jordie


minus ps/cooling fans

this is a shitty picture, but i think it looks cool to my untrained photographic eye
and its my blog. so...

broadway visions

vlad's car
shit is ridiculous.
tuned for 620whp

rb26 e30?
not really my style... but a solid way to spend 100k

sticker is backed hard though


gay donk

hurtin unit


#1 cool guy

trnkasaurous rex

Cosy Chinese food is seriously so good.
holy fuck
chicken balls for daaaaays

donkstar #1 enjoyed it

we dipped on the Bings cruise... and went to the beach
burnouts/ricers/hot girls/dudebros
so sick
there is some ridiculous pictures of union team burnouts, but i haven't found them yet

steve won "people's choice"
he's obviously pretty stoked on that plaque

kyle has returned to us
autocad'ing up mad parts on his blackberry

then we went streeting for a bit.
unfortunately no one with us knows how to take pictures well of cars drifting in the dark.
so more hardpark pictures!



Monday, June 7, 2010

a bunch of us drove cscs season opener this weekend
super fun... i'll post a proper update later
and more boring competition pictures as they surface
bing told me to raise my car.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

constant communicado