Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just got tagged in this picture on fb.
from last cscs
super stoked a couple decent pictures got snapped before i fucked my rim.

how did you spend YOUR evening?

the top support bracket for my clutch pedal pivot support, ripped out.
i decided to go a bit further, and makes sure it would never ever break again.
that meant pulling the dash/most of the interior though

the offender

i BEEFed up the stock bracket with a couple BEEFy braces
i also outlined them with my sick paint skills

my girlfriend thought it was some lame shit too

unnecessary cute girlfriend picture


Monday, August 30, 2010

if you don't know, ACT like you know.

DF allday.

in caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase you guys HAVEN'T checked it out yet.

lurk our boy Santi over at Static Motion

he recently became a blogger over at www.drifted.com... we're all very proud!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Santi from Static Motion stopped in to further molest his insanely clean silvia

and by molest i mean install coilovers, and put wheels on it.
4 lug selection at the shop kind of sucks, but they beat the hell out of 7-spokes

super clean. 

he is obviously quite impressed

tubby o'halligan stopped in to steal some tires with tread for some inspection thing.
sexy sexy. 
even sexier with the 18x11 ccw's in the rear

tab took out some anger on her phone.

then we went out for a cruise
jesse's car doesn't have a top in it yet, so i have to make sure to grab some snaps while the weather is nice.... or else he isn't there.

enkei PF-01's 18x10.5 effective +5F +9R

fuck yeah

jesse and liam's cars


steve doesn't come out enough.
his car is like 4 gazillion hp though.
red cars are always fast.

and this was from a couple nights ago... but i thought i'd put it in anyways, considering its the same damn parking lot we always meet up in.
rip brendieballs car.

tomorrow we're finishing construction of a union-spec tire rack for s13 hatches.
like a rip-off of nigel's.... minus the 4 TE's strapped to it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tonight at the shop

i moved my steering rack up by 25mm, closer to the crossmember.
this will allow for less tie rod bind at full lock, especially when knuckles arrive.
excuse the manly ass puddle welds


i should have taken a before picture, with the rack mounted to the crossmember.


reinforced lower seams

stock, the rack sits about an inch out from the crossmember.

laser larry hooked up mad union tags!
i put that shit on everything!

then liam, jeffy, shawz and i went to tim hortons and took hardparked-ass gas station pictures.

peasant ass mismatched


attempt at a night time rolling shot

Monday, August 23, 2010

my girlfriend is out the country for a week, so shoptime and blogging time is at an all-time high right now.

shit we did tonight.

i made some seat rails for liam's car. just fixed maximum-low sidemounts.

i gusseted the mounting tabs for a bit more rigidity.

i also rewelded some broken hangers on will's car.
e36's are growing on me hard.

kurt's car. 
that is water, not dust

single and ready to mingle

and kyle discovered some more hacked stuff done by the previous owner.
dear previous owner of this car... fuck yourself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


took my car in to get a gangster Can-align alignment.
as always, Scott hooked it up. 
car tracked PERFECT, and he even puts up with my ridiculous fitment-alignment requirements.
want gangster? (905) 690-3100
mention union, and he'll make sure you get taken care of!

then we ripped over to wheels direct to get stocked up on fresh rubber

saturday night, prepping cars for cscs on sunday.


it rained SO hard, lake union formed in the middle of the shop. bummer.

and his big-ass head

rip baby.
she died a little later on that night.

my stupid camera battery died at cscs... so here is some random pictures of people

brantford adam, pretending to be 2/3rd japanese

remember this car?
we did a 5-speed/sr swap in it a couple months ago
and recently brandon picked up some blitz 03's off me for it
i think its purrrdy

brandon is not purrrrdy

pro-drift car ride height. 
displeasing to everyone but Robert Patternson of Twilight fame.


marin rips so hard. 
legitimately such a talented kid. 
he will be huge, mark my words.
he wears a flame-retardant balaclava+shoei helmet for practice! 
the closest thing to that was fiddy wearing a latex glove on his head.

TK came in 4th for the second cscs in a row. 
big ups to my man, he drove heavy alllll day long.

in case you wanna critique my shit.